viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012

Saul Bellow: Dangling Man (1944)

“There was a time when people were in the habit of addressing themselves frequently and felt no shame at making a record of their inward transactions. But to keep a journal nowadays is considered a kind of self-indulgence, a weakness, and in poor taste. For this is an era of hardboiled-dom. Today, the code of the athlete, of the tough boy - an American inheritance, I belive, from the English gentl
eman - that curious mixture of striving, asceticism and rigor, the origins of which some trace back to Alexander the Great - is stronger than ever. Do you have feelings? There are correct and incorrect ways of indicating them. Do you have an inner life? It is nobody’s business but your own. Do you have emotions? Strangle them. To a degree, everyone obeys this code. …”

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